self portrait

In case you missed it somehow, my name is Noah Odabashian. I was born in Chile and raised in New York City, a great place to grow up when your identity has more hyphens than it should ever need (if you place your mouse over the banner above, it will reveal a self-portrait). I started drawing and doodling as soon as I could grip a crayon, sometimes where I should be drawing and doodling, sometimes not. In college, I avoided becoming an art major, instead graduating with a degree in food history with a focus on American race politics. I have had a lot of jobs that require different skills (my favorite was being a line cook), but the one constant has been my ability to create visually appealing work. I eventually gravitated to web design because it is a great combination of technical ability and aesthetic creativity. I was fortunate to have started learning web design at a point where the major languages used to curate the web were in the process of being overhauled and enhanced, allowing for greater control with less hassle. With these new tools, I can more fluidly blend what inspires me with my own sense of aesthetic, creating websites that are visually appealing and ready to meet the future.